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Dear Internet User,
Welcome to my blog, eMauritius Videos
Hello, my name is Mo. I was born and grow up in Mauritius. I love traveling and have been to 35 countries around the world.  This blog has been created exclusively for my channel Emauritius Videos on YouTube (Click here to access)
If you landed here from one of my videos, thank you for showing interest in my creations!
I enjoy cooking for my family and to show the world our Mauritian Creole Cuisine. Well, I started publishing videos from December 2013 but my channel got a significant hit when I uploaded some videos on Mauritian Cuisine. I try to upload high quality videos for my 10k+ subscribers on YouTube from all over the world. I acknowledge the love for my videos from folks from India, Mauritius and the United Kingdom.

Blogging is one of my hobbies and I do apologies for not being available to answer your queries on time sometimes due to internet availability as I travel a lot.

Mauritian FoodStyle

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